Aion Keyboard Input/Display Issues

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Aion Keyboard Input/Display Issues

Messagepar HarryJenkins » 19 Décembre 2017, 08:27

Hi all,

1st problem involves the keyboard. When opening the game Aion sandboxed, certain commands such as opening the option or inventory windows requires you to spam the shortcuts on the keyboard multiple times before it works once. If I click+hold the right mouse button and nudge the mouse as if I'm going to pan the camera then press the same shortcuts it works no problem.

2nd problem involves using an external monitor with my laptop. While Aion is running sandboxed, the cursor isn't able to move to my laptop's screen or external depending on which one is the primary.

Using win 10 and the lastest download.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Aion Keyboard Input/Display Issues

Messagepar Eraydus » 21 Décembre 2017, 16:30

Remove windows fall creator update :)

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